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Following God's call into global missions

Mike y Nayeli in Mexico

Our Vision is to show you that anyone can go help others and be a light in the darkness. First by obeying and then following God's purpose in your life. Within that, we want to show you all of what God is doing in Mexico and its incredible culture.

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Community Center Project
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Community Center Project

Kids singing in a Christian school where we sub
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Kids singing in a Christian school where we sub

Behind scenes of Ministry kid's videos
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Behind scenes of Ministry kid's videos

Catholic tradition
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Catholic tradition


We are Mike and Nayeli Kolean and this is what God has called us to do in Guadalajara, MX

Small groups:
We co-lead several small groups and always look to expand or begin new ones as needed to disciple new and old believers. This is one of our favorite parts of missions because it is a great way to create a healthy community and grow in faith!

Local church:
One of our gifts and passions is evangelism. We feel God leading us to help the church in ways to reach others and introduce them to church, small groups, and discipleship. We also love teaching kids once a month and helping coordinate the program as we seek to raise leaders inside the church to manage the kid's program.

Community center:
Our goal is to build a self-sustainable community center that meets the spiritual and physical needs of Molino and later the surrounding towns as we grow. Needs include the following: sharing the Gospel, finding purpose in God, kids’ reading and writing skills, housing repairs, jobs and food/clothing. The center would be used to run programs, events, church and bring the community together to help them find their salvation in Jesus with the goal of it being run by locals in the years to come. We envision the following ways to use the community center to not only reach these people but teach them to continue this concept:

  • Kids clubs (Vacation Bible School, English classes, etc.)

  • Weekly food pantry

  • Morning bingo and bible study (coffee, donuts, short devotion)

  • Clothing drives

  • Community gardens

  • Church plant (in the future with our local churches)

  • Ministry training (in the future with our seminary)

 How do we make it self-sustainable?
We are going to have two main businesses that bring enough income to run the center without outside support, they are: a rentable terrace(event center) and a clothing/home goods store. We have a partnership with a ministry that will ship us containers full of clothes, shoes, home goods and other housing items for just the cost of shipping. This cost also includes the shipping container which we will use for building the community center and rentable terrace.
Our 3-year plan is to create the programs, support team, supporting businesses, fundraise the capital and build the center.
Our 10-year plan is to have the center be self-sustainable and run by Jesus following locals.

A little about us:
When we are not studying and debating the Word we are doing the following as a date or with our community; hiking, trying new food, time by the lake(fishing), having conversations with coffee, camping, and reading! 

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